Any last words?

I leave this year remembering how negative a person I use to be. Never believing good things can happen to me and giving myself limitations daily. “I can’t do that” or “Things are going good so I’m expecting bad to occur soon”. I had such a weak mind for years and didn’t even know it. It was like running a race, thinking you’re in first place, but you’re actually behind.

Then, she came into my life and gave me life. Made me realize my weakness, and I had no choice, but to change once I saw it.

Now my energy level is higher than ever. Will power stronger and I’m fearless like never before. Most of all, I can see my connection to it all; my part in the universe that’s been calling to me this whole time, but only as a whisper, drowned out by my own negativity. I knew there was more to my life than just existing, but I let myself think I didn’t have what it takes to reach it. No longer.

My synergy with the universe increases more everyday and so can your’s!

We all are suppose to move through life without limits and don’t let anything (people, situations, bosses, health, etc.) make you think otherwise.

I encourage you to take some time, reflect on self to find your weakness so we can leave that behind as we move forward to 2018.

Have a great New Year’s and be safe. I love you all!


  1. That is a wonderful inspiration, Anthony! I think I just did right that two days ago. Now, that I read your post I think it was a natural happening to clear out a thorn of my past. It was painful to pull it out but the relief after I could look at it and put it at rest was pure healing!
    Have a great start into the new year, Anthony!

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