Do You Remember the Time?

Alpha of this post is here! You can find Omega in the next post. No time to waste so here we go!

The memories I have of Christmas are blissful. Not my teen years, but those weird years when you still believed in Santa even though he isn’t real. I think Hollywood had a lot to do with that illusion and nonetheless, I loved it.

I was so absorbed in the magic of the holiday that I never realize the struggles my family went through during those times.

We weren’t the richest family in the hood. My dad was making 500 a week salary working his ass off in an auto body shop that was underpaying him for sure while my mother worked a job that gave her enough money to buy a week’s worth of groceries for two weeks worth of work. I never missed a meal and somehow I still got what I wanted every Christmas.

That was the real Christmas magic. The fact that my parents paid a mortgage, bills, kept food on the table, and still delivered every single Christmas is something I admire now, but didn’t comprehend until recent years.

Now that I have children of my own; like a light has been turned on, I can see it.

So for the holidays, remember to thank those that made it possible for you to have a real Christmas like the ones we grew up watching on television.

The reality of it all is that the Christmas magic is in our Actions!

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