Not an isolated incident anymore

Coming this far, I’ve learned that writing is a very tough profession. You’re isolated and alone during most of the process, but that is the nature of that which I love.

I do sometimes envy the creative process of other kinds of talents such as music that let’s others into the process. An example is when an artist is in the studio with friends and colleagues, vibing to the track that was just created. You can see the energy of the people around that artist, cheering them on and giving them gratification through facial expressions or dances.

Then, I thought why can’t I have that for myself? Create my own energy and gratitude for my own work. Not take myself so seriously thinking of the outcome of this book when it will be one of many.

So I’m opening the flood gates and making sure I’m having fun with this thing from now on!

While writing is an isolated profession, I’m going to share the things I do to create my own gratification, inspiration, and fun during the moments in between.

Made quesadillas with ground turkey for Cinqo de Mayo
Dressing for the occasion is important 😎


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