Know This And Take it

I’m not perfect. Nothing about me makes sense. The moment I open my eyes, I fight anxiety. I make living with PTSD look easy. Pain of the past lives under scarred tissue that your eyes will never see. Crying helps sometimes, but it’s the emptiness that sticks. Will you love me, anyway? Maybe, give my heart somewhere safe to reside. As long as it’s in my hands, I’ll neglect the love outside. Promise to stay close and I’ll promise to feel again.


  1. Even if we changed something in our lives, even if the circumstances and conditions around us have changed. Something in the past can have opened a door to a room inside. Although we do our best to close it, a light breeze can push it open again. Sometimes the only way to get rid of it is to walk through that door and check what’s behind it. It cannot be scarier …

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