Patience is a Key

Imagine being born, gifted with natural insight. Coming into the world as the person you are meant to be from the start of it all. We wouldn’t need hindsight and we would probably make all the right decisions our entire life.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you view it), we are not born that way. We don’t know who we are or what we want majority of our early years on this planet. For some, it takes decades to find who you are. We blindingly make choices based on our upbringing, the environment around us, and our influences. This way of decision making is common, but not the effective way of reaching who you are because it’s based on outside factors and not what is within.

Allowing yourself to be you does not come natural. It takes patience and inner reflection to find the path of self mastery. You have to start from within.

While patience is associated with waiting, is also associated with acting upon the right time. An example is to be patient to confess your love to someone, but act before someone else does. So when you enter a situation with patience, plan your actions while there, so to be ready to act at the right time.

Take a moment to concentrate on what makes YOU happy. Think on what it will take for you to get to that point and plan accordingly. The day will come when your patience will pay off. The trick is to be ready when it does.

This is my personal philosophy based on my life events and readings. I hope that one of my key traits can resonate with you and inspire your own philosophy and more. Thanks for reading.

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