Delicate 1


Takes many moons to construct it and only one moment to destroy it.

Think on your action.

Published by Trey Persons

I'm and up and coming writer from Memphis, Tennessee that believes we are all born to play our part in the universe. I'm on a mission to inspire others as well as stir your imagination through my passion for words. Here, you'll find inspirational poetry, all original fictions, and random events about my life. If you're reading this, please take a moment to comment or send an email so I can thank you personally for taking the time to read my work. That and I really like to connect with others and learn your story as well. My first novel will be releasing July 7, 2020 titled "Universing". Thank you for visiting my corner of the web. Contact info

One thought on “Delicate 1

  1. Trust. Loyalty. Friendship. Family.

    Every good thing does not have to come to an end, but no good thing is ever easy to build, maintain, or start over from.

    I hate that you feel this way.
    Here’s a way of twisting it around for you, so maybe once you’re there, you’ll remember these words when your heart is ready… you will not understand until then (from my experience)…
    Someday, someone will walk into your life, and you’ll realize why it never worked out with anyone else.


    Every thing you hated about this love, you won’t have to see it in the love following along.

    I’m sounding harsh. There’s no bright side to this. Put on your armor of God though, Anthony.

    So many people are routing for you.
    Valleys and mountains will never end, but when you rely on the One who holds your heart, you start to believe more in yourself. Strength. You can’t do this walk alone, my friend. ❤️


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