The Dad Adventures

Just an update to show everyone I’m alive and well. Life has setbacks and misfortunes. The thing is that humans are progressive creatures living in a universe that wants to help us become our best self. Accept that things happen for a reason. That things happen for your growth and for you to fully evolve into what you are here for.

Now enough about that! Enjoy my dad adventures 😁


  1. Yes, life is a constant teacher. It gives us tasks and tells in its ways how we did. But we learn permanently.
    Wow, your son has grown so much since I saw the last pics. Have an awesome father-son time!

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  2. So much truth! Become your best self while you have the chance. Live for today because tomorrow is never guaranteed. It’s a hard concept to grasp until we experience one second that changes who we are for the rest of our lives. The pain from that second in one single, ordinary day is meant to make us bigger, stronger, and brighter. We are supposed to use that second to become more endured, to have more hope, to learn more about our faith.
    We’re all in this world, learning to survive ❤️❤️

    Your boys are absolutely precious. What a beautiful gift to have their love, and what a beautiful gift you are able to give them back – your love – as well💙💙💙

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