Farewell, A.

Present day has left me with such little care. How could you climb out of my dreams and become my worst nightmare? The struggle we shared was coated by nights of passion. A generation apart, we were absolutely destined to end in this fashion.

But love can blind even the all seeing. I’ve choked on my heart and the sensation is fleeing. I’m forced into a world without self regard. With the light of our children keeping me on guard. As they grow they will ask us what happened and I hope you tell the truth. How you gave up on family for a new boy to soothe.

This isn’t about that, just needed it off my chest. All my efforts unnoticed even though I gave it my best. This is my final farewell to what we could’ve been. I wish you well as I get off this road, never to be travelled again.

Goodbye, A.


  1. Hey Trey,

    You can see your heart all over this one. I hate that you’re hurting, but you can see clearly that you’ve used your pain as fuel to access the deepest part of you. We all have the depth, and sometimes it’s a place that even we can be terrified to go.

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      1. Not many people have the ability to access the parts of themselves that hurt the most. I’m sorry that you’re hurting Trey. I will always be there for you, and so will your boys. Keep your chin up and your mind on what matters in this life. This is the perfect place to let out all of the heartbreak. Your boys look up to you (and what better person is there for that?), so attempt to make it an easy choice to do for them! I have you and your family in my prayers! I strongly believe that it will all be sorted out as soon as soon as God knows the part of life that you needed to lead. About has been conquered. Hang in there and don’t let your chin drop – even a little bit!! I have every belief that you will get through this!!

        I’m here for you through anything you need though! You know where to find me!!

        I hope to hear from you soon!

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      2. I really appreciate your words. I’ve been feeling pretty cruddy these past 2 days and not sure what to do to get me out of the funk. Guess some things just have to take their course. It’s just hard to handle that someone you thought cared about you just keeps dragging you through the mud with a smile.

        Thanks again, Bailey, for always lifting me up at times when I greatly need it. You are truly a pillar of light and blessings ♥️

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      3. That’s so kind of you to say of me. ❤️

        I can’t imagine, and I won’t pretend to understand the magnitude of betrayal that I know is front and center right now. How could she do this to you – you wouldn’t even imagine being able to even THINK about doing the same to her. I’ve always seen the words “don’t swim oceans for people who wont jump puddles for you”.

        I hear that last part. Life is such a confusing ride of the lowest of lows followed by highs. The cycle is almost cruel. But the endurance that we build from this world is exactly what we need as our ticket into Heaven. ❤️

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      4. I agree with it all. The cycle of life with the ups and downs are cruel, but a necessary process to be a better you. While the gravity of my situation still gets me at times, I still know that moving forward will be an amazing thing. While I’m not sure why I have to go through this storm, I do feel me returning to who I use to be, but stronger. In due time, I’ll be what He created me to be and fulfill the purpose I am here for 😁

        Again, thanks for being part of my support channel, Bailey. You never ceases to amaze ♥️👍

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      5. It makes life so much easier to have a friend just to talk things out with. It’s what friends are for. 😊

        I hate every piece of this monstrosity for you.
        I’m full of quotes… maybe that’s my talent? Haha! However, I was told several times – if you are not needed, if you do not have things going on, changes being made, feel like you’re being pulled several directions, etc… then life simply just wouldn’t need you anymore. And if life didn’t need you, then you wouldn’t be here. Your boys need their dad. The same sex parent is always the most influential. (There’s some Dr Phil knowledge for ya!😂) It’s very true though. They need you.
        People keep telling me “it will get easier, it gets easier”… and sometimes it’s easier. But it depends on the day and at the time. Which will probably be the case for you as well.
        “Hang tough” as my DD would say. “Being strong – is just pushing your way through life, guarding your face, not seeing anything, learning anything, loving anything, and worst of all, not spreading God’s glory. Don’t be strong. Be tough. Tough is when you get through it. But you’re living and learning and healing along the way.” ❤️


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