A Miami tale

And when I wake, the sunrise is already on my face. Time waits for nothing as I jump to the suitcase. In a matter of minutes, I’m back out on the streets. Must cure this hangover with some good eats. Seafood and steak places are lit up like beacons. Not for my taste though because I am quite the vegan.

Temperature rises as the sun is on my shoulders. Wish I was in the north now to make today colder. Instead I’m stumbling drunk through the streets of Miami. Broke my phone last night and I can’t even text my family.

I settle on a place not far from the beach. I suck up the veggies and A/C like a leech. I go to pay and realize my wallet is in the hotel. So I have to run or see the back of a jail cell. I dash knocking some people over. I lost them soon after and now I’m just sober. For now I’ll recoup and maybe the guilt will subside. If not, I’ll return with my wallet and my pride.

~Ficitonal FUN. I promise! Just because I’ve been there a few times doesn’t mean anything πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰~

-Trey Persons


    1. I love love love poetry. It’s a lost art. I wish to create an epic poem like Dante’s Inferno someday, but I fear the world may see it as being “dated”. I still create it though despite that notion 😊

      I’m sure at least one person would read it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ€— haha

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