Introductions Are Fun

Hey everyone! This week is all about making new connections. I’m devoting some time everyday to reach out to other bloggers, learning about them, and hoping that they do the same to me.

So I’m making a quick rundown about myself that will only take a few moments to look over.

Even if you have known me my entire blog life or new to my corner of the web, here are some points about myself.

  • I reside in Tennessee.
  • My dream is to be a published author.
  • I set any digital clock I have to military time.
  • I’m engaged to an amazing young lady and we have 2 beautiful sons.
  • I listen to ALL music except country.
  • I have a hard time multitasking.
  • Served 2 years in Iraq.
  • And their is much more to come!

Their are a lot of points about myself I would love to share with you now, but what’s the fun in that?

Guess you’ll have to come back every once and while if you want to know more about the mysterious….me! 😅

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. Hey there! I’m from the gorgeous state of New York, newly married for 2 months to my longtime friend, I’m a disabled army veteran, served in the Army in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, got one daughter in college and now I’m striving to get back to college too for my degree (maybe continue information systems or go into legal). I blog sometimes when I’m in the mood and my family and I are active in our church. Love meeting friends. There you have it. Be the fantastic writer that is inside you!

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    1. All great things to know! Thanks for sharing your world with me. My fiance is from Long Island actually so NY has a special part of my heart. Glad to have you here as a sister in arms! What bases were you stationed at while you served? I really appreciate you stopping by and encouraging me to read my dream. Much love goes out to you and your family 😃


      1. I served in the Army signal Corps. Loved it. I served during the peacetime (that the government doesn’t recognize us) in Fort Gordon and Fort Jackson. Couldn’t stand the south when I enlisted but it grew on me eventually. Kudos to your fiance from Long Island! I’m in Suffolk county; far east from the city. Also my brother served in the Gulf war – he followed me after I recruited him to go. There’s always something that bonds us Band if brothers and sisters in arms. Keep on posting! 📝

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