Every morning, Scott goes down to the beach just before sunrise to contemplate life and all the random acts that occurred to get him here. Normally, he comes and watches other people along the shoreline, exercising or just enjoying the sunrise. Everyone is normally so spaced out that Scott still feels like he is alone on his very own secluded beach. That feeling is usually the case, but not on this day. Scott was sitting on a towel, with his feet dug into the soft, warm grains of white sand when he heard the voice of a women behind him.

“The most beautiful part about the sunrise is that we get to experience it,” she says in a faint whisper. A whisper that was just loud enough for him to hear over the sound of the waves crashing as if her voice was carried along by the ocean breeze. “It means we’re still on earth and we get another chance to find ourselves.”

Scott turned to acknowledge her, surprised anyone wanted to speak to him at all at this time of the morning. She wore all white bikini top and bottom accompanied by a sheer coverup tied at her waist. It danced in the wind while her bleach blonde hair, untamed, did the same. She stood there, smiling in perfection, as she waited for Scott to reply. He took longer than he should have, but not too long to make it stranger than it already felt.

“I agree. I think more people should take advantage of this view while they are still alive to see it.”

She giggles before she said “The view is always here regardless if they are alive to see it or not. It’s the waking up part that people are blessed with, yet most people take that for granted. My name is Ilisa. Do you mind if I sit with you for the duration of the sunrise?”

“Not at all,” Scott responded skeptically, taken aback by her assertiveness. He never been approached by a woman as pretty as she was like this ever before. “We can share my towel if you like. My name is-“

“Scott Pales. I know who are.” She interrupted.

That’s when the realization of her knowing him, but he not knowing her set in. Was she someone from one of his old jobs I should’ve remembered? Maybe someone he introduced himself to during one of the many drunken nights out? Who he kidding? It’s been two years since had worked and been sober; Scott was drunk most days no matter if it was work or out at night, his memory could no longer decipher from the two.

She giggles again as she walked up beside Scott to take her seat. “Don’t worry, Scott. I’m no one from your past that you should know even though I was always there for you. In fact, it would be strange if you did. Although, I have met people that felt I was there, but couldn’t explain how. Those are the gifted few.” She sat down next to him and he notice her ankle bracelet matches her bikini. A warming sensation overcame Scott’s body just as she did sit, but he’s sure she has this effect on most people.

“What do you mean you know me and I don’t know you? That sounds kind of spooky, Ilisa. Stalkerish, even.” He said through a nervous grin.

“I’m no stalker. At least not in the form you see a stalker as. We’ll get to how I know your name before the sunrise is over, I promise.” She nudged her head in the direction of the sun. He took a quick glance to see the light cascading through the horizon before looking over his shoulder to see if any other uninvited guest would be joining them. A well-toned man jogged by with a headset on. He paid no attention to them and just kept running, focused on his next step.

“What do we have to talk about if we never met?” Scott said

“Well, we’ll start with your sobriety. I want to commend you for being two years sober. A feat that could prove difficult for many people that had your addiction. Do you remember what caused you to stop drinking?”

“Umm..Thanks for the compliment and yeah I do remember what caused it, but not sure if I want to share it with you-Its spooky that you know all this about me, but I know nothing of you.” he eased away from her slightly with his head cocked sideways resembling a bewildered puppy.

“We’ll get to that, remember? I promised we would,” Ilisa said in an attempt to overcome his reluctance. “I’ll make it all worth it. Do you remember?”

Scott took her for her word and tried to relax. He thought for a moment and decided that sharing his story with her would be harmless.

“It was a wild night out with a friend. We got into a car terrible car accident that resulted in him dying.”

Ilisa expression turned from light hearted beach beauty to a criminal lawyer on trial of the century when she asked. “Were you under the influence?”

Scott shook his head. “I was plastered, but I wasn’t the driver. He was and he was my dd for the night. It was his idea to go bar hopping with me so I wouldn’t have to drive drunk and coincidentally, we get hit by a drunk driver. It killed him, but somehow, I made it out alive. After that I left my whole life, including friends and family, behind until I recover.”

“I understand. I’m sorry for your loss,” she said before she placed a caring hand on his shoulder. “I know it’s a heavy burden to be away from it all, right?”

Scott felt the warmth of her as she moved in closer to comfort him. He welcomed it since he hasn’t felt the warmth of another while he has been in self isolation. “Yeah, it has its moments. These sunrises are the only thing that gets me through it all.” He peeled his eyes away from her perfect complexion and noticed the sunrise was almost over. He wished that something so beautiful would last much longer. “Thanks for listening to my story even and all, but you owe me an explanation, Ilisa.”

“That I do.” She said with a squeeze of his arm. “Truth is, I’ve been by your side since you were born and I’m here for you now, even after your death.”

~Angel on your wayside~


    1. Thank you and I’m happy you enjoyed it. I’m going to write a different story every month. I want to perfect my style and messages. I’ll have a 500 word short story mid month or so. Really appreciate you for reading it!

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      1. I am so interested in your next story. That’s an ambitious project that I have faith you’ll perfect your creative style. You have a load of imageries, potential and tenacity to be successful. Keep at it!!

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