Back in a MAJOR way

For the month of August, I’m going to change a few things about this blog to help support the release of my first completed book EVER!!

I’m kind of excited about it. πŸ˜…

Here’s some things that are coming down the pipeline (in no particular order)

  • Book cover reveal.
  • Social media links.
  • Update to the blog at least twice a week.
  • Updated story of the month section.
  • And more blogger interactions!

I’ve been slacking the past few months, but no longer! Writing is my passion and I’ve decided to focus on it like a second full-time job. The goal is to make it my only full-time job and I plan to do just that!

Thanks to all my old followers for sticking with me and a big welcome to the new ones! 😁

Love you all and feel free to reach out and connect with me, anytime!

Enjoy your day!


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