Wondering Questions

As I catch a glimpse of clouds across a clear blue sky. You ever ask yourself if angels still cry? Do they shed tears when we take the lowest path? Maybe they just turn the other cheek, knowing fate will do the math.

Thinking of yin, leads to thoughts of yang. When you kill a man, did you hear a devil sang? Perhaps they cheer and toast when we hate a person. When their is peace and love, they always just burst in.

I share those thoughts just to make you aware. Be careful of your choices, think twice before you double dare.

*As I sit at the hospital with my new born, I thought of this looking out the window towards a gorgeous blue sky. I didn’t catch it on film so just imagine it, will you? 😅*


  1. Haha, the perfect combination of emotional and enjoyable! ❤
    This was such a candid piece!
    Looking forward to reading more from you…

    Liked by 1 person

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