Good news, everyone. Manuscript to my first novel is completed. Still a lot of editing to cover and I’m having a hard time deciding to self publish or not. I thought I would feel overwhelming joy after completing the rough draft, but the thought of all the work to come sapped it away. Has anyone else felt like this before? 

No worries though. I’m gonna bogged down and continue working to achieve my dream of publishing. Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope your week is a productive one.

Be powerful.

Published by Trey Persons

I'm and up and coming writer from Memphis, Tennessee that believes we are all born to play our part in the universe. I'm on a mission to inspire others as well as stir your imagination through my passion for words. Here, you'll find inspirational poetry, all original fictions, and random events about my life. If you're reading this, please take a moment to comment or send an email so I can thank you personally for taking the time to read my work. That and I really like to connect with others and learn your story as well. My first novel will be releasing July 7, 2020 titled "Universing". Thank you for visiting my corner of the web. Contact info

3 thoughts on “SITREP

  1. Haha…. welcome to the club, Anthony! Yes, that sounds familiar… lol! But only the first time. Once you know the process you will feel more serene and joyful about achieving step one!

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      1. It is, Anthony! And if you are self-publishing over CreateSpace for example then you the whole formatting is waiting too. It is nothing to be scared about but it is time consuming.

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