My Life

Occassional Rant Post

Every now and then, I just let my thoughts spill over here and today is the day. I’ll try to make a point for all this in the end though! ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Life is amazing. I’ve been reading through posts and it dawned on me how we all are so different, yet the same. We experience things and go on in the world living, striving to be notice or to go unnoticed. To be a bleep on the radar or to fly below it, never causing any alarms to sound.

I guess we all want to be normal. As we know our individual normal isn’t the same as society’s normal so quite a few of us won’t fit in. That’s ok though. I didn’t realize how special not fitting in could be until I stop trying to.
I attended a funeral this weekend of a family member and it was sad, but we celebrated her life and all we remember of her afterwards. It brought a distant family together.

I’ll leave you all with a pic or two. My message for the day is love yourself. No matter how different or fucked up you are and don’t ever think you are not special cause you are. You’re alive and that’s proof enough.

Be powerful.

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