A little morning inspiration to get you through this wonderful Friday. Pack your bags and get ready to take a trip ☺

Here we are at boarding time. Not everyone will hear the alert chime. But you did and now you’ll take flight. Taking your seat and making adjustments is alright. To be successful you have to home your focus and stay glued. Looks like you’re about to change your altitude.

Their is so much light and life in our futures. Some people won’t be able to soar like you or with you, but don’t worry. It’s all fated to be and they will find their own place in the world when its time. For now, continue to achieve and always…

Be powerful.

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  1. Anthony, what are you doing here with me? I found myself again sitting in the plane, smiling, and looking forward to some wonderful days in my beloved California! Wow! You raised my energy… and my longing… lol!

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