You are the champ

Hey, everyone. It’s a new day and a new week. Valentine’s is tomorrow and I hope their is a lot of love in your lives. Of course love is important to encounter in our line of work as artist because we used lessons learned and the emotion drawn out from that to create at times. We also need the drive to get it done, which is where I come in with a poem πŸ˜‰

Right hook, left jab you cant seem to hit your mark. And somehow, you’re the one on the mat with everything getting dark. You can here the crowd shouts and yells. Even the referee’s 10 count before they sound the bell. You’re tired, but you lift yourself up and rise. The count stops, people cheer, and now you improvise. No matter what opponent we face its important to know. Never give up in the face of adversity if you wish to defeat your foe.

Happy Monday. Wake up and make your mark on the world. Just be you and…

Be powerful.

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