Heya! Hope the week has been treating everyone well. It’s a new day and a new month. Black History Month actually. 
The truth is; I didn’t like this month so much when I was a child. Beyond writing research papers that I never wanted to do, I didn’t think much of it, but I started to see its importance as I got older. Learning things about the past from TV and movies along with having some racial struggles of my own growing up has changed my mind about why this is so important to remember.We have to always look back on: 

  • What its like for a nation to deny a race and how much damage that does to everyone. 
  • How it makes you look at someone differently or judge someone simply because of race. 
  • We have to remember what kind of leaders it would take to overcome this kind of injustice.
  • Finally, remember how the mind works to invent, create, or plan great things is not limited to your skin.

I know with the current President, our country is facing some dilemmas on banning and restrictions and looking back on history, this is something the US has done in the past. Just know that things will be alright. That everyone does not think ill of you because of your color or religion. That we love one another.

Let’s take this month and pay homage to those that pave the way for equality. Continue to forge your way to your dreams and have a great day today.

Be powerful.


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