Hey, everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and got some rest along with taking in a few vices. Most importantly, I hope you all put in some time to your goals. Its a new week and its time to get your dreams accomplished. Imagine yourself with the goal at hand completed with the desire results for a few minutes everyday this week and then put in the work to achieve. Some things to think about to help you get your fire started is:

  • Focus your determination
  • Start your day with nothing except positive thinking
  • Look in the mirror and see who you are and what your potential can make you
  • Do the best at all that you do
  • Dedicate time to increase your knowledge in the field you wish to be in.
  • Remember that will power is the ingredient for any outcome you want!

There you have it, folks. Take a few moments before you go out into the world, get some kindle, a match, and light the fire within yourself. In fact, just use gasoline and get it going!  Let it burn and light the way to success! Be powerful and have a great day!

Published by Trey Persons

I'm and up and coming writer from Memphis, Tennessee that believes we are all born to play our part in the universe. I'm on a mission to inspire others as well as stir your imagination through my passion for words. Here, you'll find inspirational poetry, all original fictions, and random events about my life. If you're reading this, please take a moment to comment or send an email so I can thank you personally for taking the time to read my work. That and I really like to connect with others and learn your story as well. My first novel will be releasing July 7, 2020 titled "Universing". Thank you for visiting my corner of the web. Contact info authortreypersons@gmail.com

13 thoughts on “IGNITE YOURSELF

  1. Wonderful advises from you to be strong mentally ☝👍 all they are worth trying !! Let us make the world a better place to live in .. 😊 do keep blogging!


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