Poem and Truth

You had a right to choose. No matter who won, we all lose. I’m not surprise, yet I hope the future gets better. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing my congressmen a nasty letter.

Now with that being said, I’m going to stay true to my previous post about revealing more of myself. I swear when I talk,typically. More so when I’m amongst my Army friends. I’ve taken a lot of that aspect out of my work here, but you’ll start to see more of me. Bleeding through the pages. Thanks for reading my shit. Means a lot to me, people. I love all of you 😉😍


  1. Wonderful that you feel comfortable enough to let go. I’m a disabled Army veteran and so is my brother so we know that environment is like. But funny intro on writing a nasty letter to your congressman. Do they really hear us or only when they have re-elections? 🙌

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