Behind the curtain

Over the next few days, I’m going to let myself be more of…myself. There are parts me that I don’t share with you all here and they are important parts of what makes me who I am. Don’t be alarmed, everyone. Writing poetry and inspirational things is still what I love to do. I just think it’s time I reveal more of the person behind the ink and pages.

Are you putting ALL of yourself on paper at the moment? Feel free to talk about it here. Zero judgement zone. ZJZ ( Not a very cool acronym but whatever). Let’s hear it. 


  1. It is a big step to be ready for opening the book of our insight to others. I don’t know if I am completely open and tell everything. I think I do as far as I am aware. Actually, my experiences are the ground for what I write and I am happy I have many examples to offer!

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      1. That is a very lovely thought of you, Anthony! Yes, we are all sharing the same passion here and blogging is a way of sharing something personal of ourselve – whatever it. I love the idea that you show more about you. No matter what it is, it will either help others to understand more about themselves or encourage them to open up too.

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