I read an article in a magazine that said that Fall is the best time of year to men and I have to agree. Not just because I am a man (although a major factor 😜) , but because it’s the truth. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • It brings back all of our boyhood memories from best Halloween costume ever to riding that new bike on Christmas morning.
  • Getting ready to bust out those light sweaters and hoodies (Girlfriends love this one because they tend to steal these items to wear and/or for their own amusement).
  • The Walking Dead season premiere.
  • No shave Novembers which allows us to become half man, half Sasquatch and we can call each other Grizzly Adams regularly.

Those are just a few reasons I personally think it’s the best time for an adult male 😜 I use to think Summer was the best as a child, but with school far away in my rearview and Summer being ALOT hotter than they use to be, I had to adapt. 

Thanks for reading, everyone! Feel free to comment with your opinions. What’s your favorite season and why?


  1. I think fall is a great season. I have only seen it in pictures because we dont have fall in my country. But I think it is the time when the surroundings look very beautiful with all the yellow/orange leaves falling around and also cherry blossoms (they come out in fall right? Lol.) I would really love to visit a country that has a fall season.

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      1. I would really love to. But its expensive just to get a plane ticket alone. Hahaha.
        Im from the Philippines. Its usually very hot here, and it feels like summer forever. Haha.

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      2. I never been out there before, but I’ve been to Iraq and that was definitely summer all year around there. Haha! I know flying is really expensive. Hopefully, you can make it here someday 😉

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