Starting a fire

Writing can be so satisfying, but sometimes overwhelming. I’ve reached the last act of the novel I’m working on and now it’s time to close all the loose ends. The thing about outlining and plotting everything is that it changes. These are things you don’t realize until your actually sit down and do the work. Put pen to paper. I have learned so much about writing just coming this far and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I just wanted to reach out to the rest of my fellow writers and say this:

Sit down at the desk or table and put in the work.

Motivation to block out the world around you such as fun with family and friends or just spending time with the ones you love is difficult to muster up, but once you find it, use it diligently. Take the spark and make it a wildfire. I’m telling you this while at the same time telling myself.

Keep writing. Never quit. Make your fiction a reality on paper! Have a great day and thanks for reading 😁


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