Cure All Be All

We live amongst so many troubles. Taxes, hunger, murders, have been doubled.Surely we’ll crumble if we stay on this route. Anger and hate with hang the corpses all about.Everything the news reports makes it all non-fiction. If mankind doesn’t stop soon, we’ll be our own extinction.

Rejoice, we know love is the answer. Use it to attack all our worldly cancers. Bring peace to the nations and hope to every person. Show them you care without the swearing and cursing. Act, now that you know what to do is no mystery. It takes all of us to change the course of world history.


  1. So true, Anthony. We ourselves are our salvation or our downfall. It is so ridiculous that so many still think that it is up to others to heal the world instead of sharing the healing flame! As you said: it needs everyone!!!

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      1. Somehow I deleted your last comment by accident while I was replying to it 😳

        It was an extraordinary response, Erika. You’re a pillar of positive energy and motivation. I’m glad I came across you and your blog, for sure!


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