What are the chances?

I sit here thinking of my story of the month section and wondering about chance. By chance I mean great opportunity and the will to accept the challenge. I still plan to pursue my goal of being a published author and go places I haven’t been or shake hands with people I’ve always wanted to meet (Neil Gaiman and Justin Timberlake. Don’t judge me), but sometimes I get distracted. 

I love new movies and Netflix Original series, but all that takes away from my writing.Sometimes I think of Stan Lee and how he created a whole universe of super heroes that are constantly reborn and reprinted from comics to action films and how it all spawned from his imagination. I admire his work so much, I watch it more than I should, but it’s so inspiring (to me at least).

A mean just think about Batman and how he’s been created over and over so many times, yet we will forever love him. What does it take to create an original work that can be reborn for the ages to come like they have? 

All we can do is be original and preserver until we get our chance. A chance you have to be willing to work and create.

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