Back for more

Back for more synergy

How life changes so swiftly. One day you’re blogging everyday and drinking beer every night and the next you’re not blogging at all and your up at night rubbing a tummy with your unborn child within it….or maybe that’s just me πŸ˜…

That’s right, I have a baby on the way. The sex of the baby is male and he is my first born. Speaking of which, I have to find a way to weasel out all those “I’ll give you my first born” deals I made.

So on top of working and stressing about every single thing my mind can get a hold of, I’ve been away from you all and I apologize. I miss you all so much and starting today I will be going through your old post (being the creeper I am) and commenting.

So to sum this up,  I’m expecting and I’m playing catch up cause I missed all your creative sparks and empowering lives.


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