FAVOR FOR A NEIGHBOR I pause the movie I was streaming through my Netflix account and stood up from my … More

We did it! 

Thanks for following, people! Its been a little over a year and I’m thankful for all of you!! 

First born

I just love this little guy! Thr future will be limitless for you, son. Goodnight folks!

Defend and Attack

Sometimes bad shit happens. Its up to you as a person to overcome all the adversity of life and become … More

Behind the curtain

Over the next few days, I’m going to let myself be more of…myself. There are parts me that I don’t … More


Happy Halloween, everyone! I’ve been working security for a local haunted house attraction so I won’t be getting in on … More

New Digs

Hey, everyone. I just wanted you all to know that I updated the layout of my site yet again. I … More

War of 2004

I’m trapped and somehow I knew it would end this way as I look down at the militia from the … More