Taking Action Now Before it takes you

How will we move forward? The pandemic is still going on and distrust for the vaccine have seemed to spread. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but I want things to get back to normal…if their even is such a thing.

I did my part back in March. You heard it here first, folks; I got 100% vaccinated months ago. While it seems the vacs doesn’t fully prevent you from getting it, the odds of Covid taking you out are greatly decreased.

So get your minds right. Covid is out here and how do you plan to protect yourselves and your loved ones? You plan on masking and gloving up for the rest of your days or will you take action and get the vaccine?

How do you feel about it? What will you do?

Our actions in the present will determine what kind of future we’re moving towards.


  1. I got my second shot in June, and I am so happy with it. My whole family is vaccinated. I don’t want to check out how I react to an infection. Really not! I don’t judge anyone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated. It is their decision. But they need to zip it when it comes to rules they have to follow. You cannot have both.

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