Retail Story

Take a sip of spiked or unspiked eggnog and let’s get this post started.

Since the start of November, sales have started all around us. Every retail outlet has targeted every demographic in the direct attempt to get us to buy.

And like a moth to the flame, we come pouring out our homes of quarantine to do just that. Somehow we neglect our fundamentals of spending and give into it.

We have the ability to resist though. While spending is the traditional holiday way, it doesn’t have to be. You can unfuck your savings accounts by remembering:

  • What we are truly celebrating and if you’re not religious, use the thought of family togetherness as the foundation.
  • Break the tradition and create your own. Give thanks to whom you need to.
  • Sales can be hypnotizing. Snap out of it and stick to budget.

So spend if you must, but be wise about it. The holiday only last a day while your credit report is forever.

And I leave you with the house of Christmas Spirit! They do this every year! Enjoy!


  1. There are still many who misinterpret Christmas as a competition for exchanging presents. But I think the majority (at least of people I know) are well aware of the real meaning of Christmas. Still, I love gifting others. For some reason, I feel even more joy these days to say with a little gift: “Hey, I thought of you, and you are important to me.” but the gift does not need to be expansive… just thoughtful.

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    1. It’s nice to show those you care about some love and that you’re thinking of them. Of course we can do this before and after Christmas, but then we’re at the mercy of the retail stores when it comes to pricing.

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      1. We are mostly not depending on the pricings since we often choose gift cards or presents which only have to be bought later because the gifted person needs to choose a specific item. I rather do thoughtful presents which are barely expensive. Also, I am always early with planning presents and buying them which helps too. There are ways to elude the overpricing of the stores.

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