Saying goodbye

I lost my writing companion of 13 years over the weekend. Be sure to cherish all the time with your pets. Somehow I tricked myself into believing he’ll be here longer than I would be, ignoring his short life expectancy. Here are a few memories of us together.



  1. He was always halfway in / halfway out. One of these days I’ll get a vial of holy water and bring him back.

    Also, greetings from China. I didn’t realize your website wasn’t firewalled.

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss…i have a one year old golden retriever and we never leave each other ….. Ive lost other pets through life and they sure leave an impact of memories and ❤ moments that last a lifetime.

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    1. Thanks for stopping in and reading. They always have a place in our hearts no matter how long ago it’s been since they’ve passed. I was thinking of getting another pet, but think I’ll steer clear of them until my kids want one when they’re older 😅


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