The thought is in your mind. Circling the drain. A place where the stress of life throws an anchor through your ship. Is this where I stop? The ease of quitting starts to set in. The relief of normality making it easier to close my eyes at night.

“Fall into your place in society”

“Sleep with the rest of the sheep”

I can’t let the next generation think they should give in and forget their dreams. No one told me to follow mine, but they will know that’s the only way to reach true happiness. Replace the doubt. Become who you are inside.

“Be happy. Do what you dream”

“Create your own path. Be the example”

Good morning. Place these goals in your heart. May they power you to do exactly what you are here for. Rise and be more. Go into the world knowing you are the only you.

“Be remarkably yourself”

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  1. Very encouraging, Anthony. Let’s never let anyone tell us that our dreams are ridiculous or not worth going for. There is a reason they appear in our hearts and minds. If we don’t realize them, who will? There would have been no progress if people only did what they have always done!

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