A Quest for Self

The art and power of life is that it is forever constant. You can count on things never to remain the same. To change from good to bad or bad to worse. I’d say that’s the beauty of unpredictability. It’s the way that we as people, the all-unknowing, react to these events that make us who we are and establishes our character habits and traits. To master yourself and your changing circumstances, you must keep and maintain the following:

  • Patience
  • Tact
  • Flexibility
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Inner peace

I’ll touch on these things in great detail in the next few days and posts. I’m excited about it and I hope you are too.


      1. Thanks! I took it out during another adventure time with the kiddos. It was a quick pic before I got out the car because I knew I would miss it if I waited any longer 😅


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