Just a DARKER Image

My thoughts are cloudy.
Should I off myself or get rowdy?
Write down my pain or sit quietly?
Will it matter after they find the body?

I open my eyes to a mangled corpse
Probed myself and felt no remorse.
Blood on my hands and I can’t deny
Here is all my truth, here dies my lies.

Judge me not, this could be your fight.
Becoming the dark in your own light.
Suggesting purpose, but felt the blight.
Demons within, pilfering your might.

Can’t win this, I know what I lack.
No more running, wall is on my back.
This will be the last night sensation.
Body decomposed, metal oxidation.

All that happened last night inside.
Am I ok and will you come confide?
Paper to pen let’s me release.
Imagination is just easier to please.

-No worries. Just being creative when it strikes-


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