You Need an Explanation

Hey, everyone. Their has been some recent changes in my life. It’s funny how heartbreak can give life to creation. So I decided to give life to my Writing Out Loud series. In it, I’m posting directly from my experiences with my life, of my life, and about my life to clear the cluttered spaces in my mind left by the damage.

So in a way, you’re standing directly on my very own ground zero. Where I pour all of it out before I start anew. Just in time for the new year.

I believe things happen for a reason. My life has been altered for reasons unknown. I have learned that my connection with God and the universe has become stronger since and I know that great things still await me.

Thank you for all your support as always. I love you all. Have a great day today and enjoy the rest of the series! ❤️


  1. We wouldn’t believe how strong we feel the presence of a higher loving energy when we think we are all alone … until we experience it. I know exactly what you are talking about. We are never alone and there is always someone taking care that we are keeping up our journey in order to reach the next higher level! Blessings to you, Anthony.

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      1. It is not always easy to share what is going on inside of us. That’s why I appreciate such thought-provoking posts so very much. It is important that we share our experiences most of all in order that others see that they are not alone with the similar struggles. You are not alone either with this because I am no exception. Thank you for sharing, Anthony!

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  2. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, you’ve always been so dedicated to posting. I’m so sorry for the circumstances of your absence! I don’t know and won’t ask, but I do know that in the biggest mess, God can give us a wonderful new direction, sights unseen, a new door to open, love and comfort where you would have least seen it to be. “Hang tough” as my DD says, Trey. “Not strong, tough. Strong means you go through all of it with your hands up, blocking your face, you never really get through any of it – you just get passed it. Tough means you go through it and get through it and you learn from it, good or bad. “

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    1. Being tough is definitely the better option. Life has thrown me a curve ball and I’m working through it. This will pass like all my other trials have done. I’ll remain steady and continue to persevere. Thanks for stopping by, Bailey. So nice to hear from you! ❤️😁

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