Writing out loud (Loveless)

Then one day it all comes apart. You’re chest is filled with loose change in place of your heart. Is it true what they say about nothing last forever? Or is just a coincidence that the universe thinks is clever? Not sure if I want to be in another’s sights anymore. I’ll be a hard target to hit, transparent to the core. Now, I’ll get back to me becoming who I was. My heart is on a hiatus, until I can get back to what this guy does.

~The gym use to be a big part of my single life. Time to go back home. These are pictures of me before my son’s, but I’m working on getting back to that 😎~


  1. This post made me think. Sounds like a dramatic and sad change in your life. I am sorry if that is true. But when I saw the pics (and I looked at them before I read the post) my first thought was: WOW!!! You are definitely not overseen. But more importantly, you will be seen by those eyes you are meant to be seen. You have changed and you will be seen by exactly those eyes who are in alignment with who you are today.
    Perhaps I have misinterpreted your lines but that is what flew out of my fingers after reading. Anyway, sending you big hugs over!!

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      1. I see it the same way when even it is hard to accept. What I believe in too is that when one good thing ends then only in order that something even better has room to emerge and develop. Just never forget that you are not alone. Sending you big hugs, Anthony!

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  2. Trey, I’m so sorry. I feared this is why I haven’t heard much from you as of recent.

    Keep your faith.

    I’ve learned that in life – you learn as you experience the moment. People can warn you, tell you and explain it until your hearing goes cold, but you never know until you experience it for yourself.
    After age 26, some life started smacking me in the face, and all of a sudden, all of my dads stories, forewarnings, and lessons became real life.

    Sometimes you meet people too soon or too late. And sometimes, very unfortunately, you figure out that your personality doesn’t mesh well with the other’s no matter how hard or long you try.
    Life hurts.
    Loyalties are lies.
    And as Dr. Phil calls it: “relating down” sounds all about alright to me to.

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