Come Answer Me

Follow me on a journey of chaos, mischief; happiness in existence. Dissolve reasoning and take the path with most resistance. That is what your passion desires. Don’t be lost spending time on false admire.

Or maybe you are lost as well. Carrying too much shame for heaven, knowing the doors are opened to Hell. Take caution of all that lies ahead. I can guide you, but can’t help you stop the tearshed.

Comparable to a Siren, but not quite the same.

I can’t sing but I can speak with art. My words don’t carry notes but they haunt your every thought. Sitting on your memory like the nursery rhymes we were taught.

Sirens turn to monsters the closer you get to them.

I’m not your lover. I can never be your man, although my heart goes out to you, I wish the best for you my distant friends.

This can’t last forever, our quest must end. One last thing. Am I your best devil or your worst godsend?

No real answer required

~Trey Persons~

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