Let’s talk Anti-Christ

The world is logged onto the internet where you can literally find anything. Their are a lot of dark corners on the web, but we all know how to avoid them: simply don’t go to the website.

Those sites aren’t the dangerous ones. It’s the sites that were created for common use that are most dangerous to everyone. Mostly social media. I say that because they are mind altering things that have proven to be bad for us, yet majority of society doesn’t understand.

But I do.

Here’s a list of things that happens to you as you scroll down your timelines.

You spend countless moments a day scrolling along. If you keep track of these moments you’d see that Facebook has stolen more hours in the day that you should be willing to give. Hours that could’ve gone to your responsibilities, family, or even for the betterment of self.

Then their is that whole spell it casts on any of those who participate. It’s the spell of illusion. Making you think that other people’s lives are perfect when they are only picture perfect. This can cause self esteem issues and has even driven people to suicide! Don’t be a victim.

Lastly, we can’t forget about cyber bulling, fake news, and campaign propaganda that can subconsciously lead you to change the way you behave for their agendas.

All these reasons are why I believe that no one man is the Antichrist, but all the people that are under the spell will cause society as a whole to become that.

Be weary of the times we live in and be careful what you let seep into your mind. If you want to discuss anything, feel free to comment.


X or Cross? Careful how you perceive!


  1. Cross. 1million%!!

    I like how you brought up that society as a whole may become the anti-Christ. Religion is so risky to write on as a topic, because there are so many branches of one true root to believe from. So many twists and turns off of one main road. It could take your following.

    But look at what that is that I just said… social media. And trying to appeal to people who are against my Lord and my Savior. No more will I worry for it. I’ve been wanting to post my texts from my DD here. He is my Mimi’s husband. My mimi who passed. And every morning, I’ve been sending him parts to each of my devotionals. I’ve held back to please my followers. But my followers are not who need to be pleased by my opinions.

    That’s a deep one Trey. Thank you!!

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    1. I know it’s a tricky topic, but I heard something on radio about an Anti-Christ and I just wanted to share my opinion about it with the everyone.

      We can get so caught up in trying to appease to others that we don’t get to write what we feel. I’m beyond that though. I feel great when I share MY thoughts here and we can all agree to disagree about any topic, but at the end of the day..Those are my opinions and it feels great to get them out, regardless. Thanks for reading Bailey. You’re awesome as always! 🤗😁

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      1. Well, you are a very good writer, as you already know!

        It’s funny and weird at the same time that you say that because a friend and I were talking about how much I try to appease others and how much it actually sabotages me instead…. isn’t there a way to post a poll? I swore I saw one a while back but I can’t figure out how to now. May have to grab my iPad. ☺️
        I started my blog in hopes for it being a personal diary. I never thought people would actually read it. Bahaha!
        You keep on writing Trey!! Don’t let another’s opinion stop you! (I don’t think you would! 😂)

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      2. Thank you! I like to think I’m a good writer, but I never really know how people take to my work, you know?
        I’m not sure how to put the poll up. I’m still computer illiterate and takes me longer to do all the cool things 😅 Haha
        Sometimes, Bailey, you have to make it all about YOURSELF. I’ve learned a lot about people this past year and I learned to not worry about what people think so much. Let’s just be happy, Bailey!

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      3. I agree!!! I just wanted peoples opinion and if it went with what I believed or what others have seemed to tell me. That you can care too much. I say no. It has downfalls, but no, I think not. But a lot of people say yes.

        I’m computer illiterate also. I used to be so good at these things!!!

        Yessss…. people seem to focus on themselves more so than others. My blog is where I focus on me

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      4. Computers moved too fast for us, Bailey! I still have to deal with teaching my dad all the smart TV functions and whatnot. Soon, the tables will be turned and we will be the ones being taught how to do things by the youth. 😅


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