Adventures Of a Heart (SOS)


She’s my heart and nothing can compare. They told me to take it slow, but our love has been stuck on hyperdrive since day one. We travel to distant galaxies and watch the stars together. The sight, breathtaking. Maybe you’ll float outside Jupiter someday.


I can’t stay afloat forever and sometimes I find myself submerged. Under waters so deep, light can’t reach. At least I’m not alone. She can hold her breathe just as long as me. We hold hands in the dark depths just to know we are with one another. Its then I always realize it doesn’t matter how long we are here. Or even if we are sinking or swimming.


I’ve been in the hottest of deserts. Leaving footprints in the sand as the air turns orange. Never have I felt heat as hot of this, until she came along. The miles I endure without shade doesn’t make me sweat like she can. Our summer days are just as hot as our winter nights.

I mean every word. For her, I will love evermore.

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