Ruined Empire

As fate will have it, I’m the only one that survived the destruction of an empire. I carry the pain of a Nation. One divided and lost as our youth paid the price for our leaders’ choices. Souls taken before their times.

Before it came to this, the fear settled in. No place you could run or hide without looking for an exit. People mourned homeland deaths, but they seemed more concerned with foreign affairs. Turning a blind eye to what went wrong. Never answering the question of how to prevent it. Running from the truth as the young die.

With our youth gone, so were our possibilities to renew…to change..

If only we could have stopped it. If only we cared enough. It’s all too late now. Now I stand on a land of ruin. Wishing to change what had come to pass.

My heart goes out to those who have lived through the recent traumas that plague America’s schools. Fuck the distractions! We have to make a stand somehow before it’s too late. Before the next youths lost is your’s or mine.

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