Tight as theives

Life moves so fast sometimes and we don’t have time for ourselves. It’s a shame we come up in a world where we have to spend 40 hours a week to help someone else’s dream flourish just to make ends meet which doesn’t leave us much time for ourselves.

We have to fix this equation.

Steal back YOUR time. Study or hone your craft when you have free time at work. Take some time away from social media and tv to get better at what you want to do. You can even cut some hours off your sleep to cheat the system entirely. You can get lots done if you can get up a hour earlier than your suppose to or if you’re night owl.

The point is we have to take back our lives by living. The only way to do that is to be passionate about what you’re doing and to be able to control all aspects of your time. Be more than just a social media scroller in your free time.

Be amazing.


  1. Very inspiring and encouraging to go for your own direction. I think those 40 hours are spent with more quality when we identify with what we do and therefore we are working together on one goal. That already fills life with more meaning since we spend so much time at work.

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