My Life

Forgive the Neglect

I didn’t mean to neglect my writing space. My mind has been cluttered with disgrace. So my attitude isn’t pure energy as it was before. I lack the motivation to strike you at the core. So I leave this here hoping that I can be stronger. In hopes of cleaning out my closet won’t last any longer.

Sorry to all those that expect to hear from me regularly. I’ve been in a funk as of late, but stand by my side. I’ll be back soon and I’ll be better than ever. For now…

Be Powerful

6 thoughts on “Forgive the Neglect

  1. You’ll get better. Just think of it like a dad joke. No one really laughs… but we all think it’s funny. Life is like that. Just cause you aren’t laughing.
    Nevermind, I suck at this motivational stuff.

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