Erika Kind nominated me for this challenge and I must admit that this is my first time playing along with these so bare with me 😌

I more than often start my days off with this song by this once up and coming hip hop artist who only inspires love and postitivity. He went on to be an incredible artist and his 4th official album releases next month. 

The song tells me to never give up and always follow your dreams no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes. It’s the reason I’m here speaking with you today.

Logic-Intro to Under Pressure

The rules are to share a song and what that song means to you and nominate another blogger to pass it on. 

Asha Seth! You’re up next 😁


  1. First of all thank you very much for participating, Anthony! I have to listen to the song a second time due to the fact that I am not English and need to listen to rap even more attentive… lol! But what I got from the first time listening is very powerful and I can understand why you are often listening to it in the morning! Great one!

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