The Makings of a Hero

Since I could remember, I’ve always dreamed of adventure. Going on some kind of quest to discover myself, making friends along the way. Maybe even a few enemies, but atlast;I was a child and couldn’t exactly venture the world to find the answers to life. Then, I found Role Playing Games aka RPGs.

With that being said, a lot of my life choices were influnced by imagnary creations. Adults use to say video games are teaching us how to be violent, but I never really looked into emulating the violence in a game. Some of us just wanted to be the hero….

Hero’s like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. He joined a military force when he was young and through a large sum of unfortunate events, became one of the strongest people by the end of the game. 

Then,  there’s the protagonist from Persona 3. The main character got more powerful as he gained more friends. Playing with this character made me open up more and make more friends than I can keep up with.

These are 2 games that drilled their way through my imagination into the man I am today. I’ve always took the positive of characters I read about or played with and try to build a stronger me out of it. Guess I’m more impressionable than I thought. 

Next week, I get to be a part of another world with an all new cast of characters to learn from in Final Fantasy 15. 

Well that’s it for this one. This post wasn’t my shortest, but it digs into me and how I’m wired. If you can take away anything from this post about me is that I’m also a gamer. Thanks for reading, folks!


  1. I like this different take on video gaming. It’s interesting psychologically as usually, as you say the violence aspect is highlighted. Nice one 😎

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