The Kid in Me

Here’s a piece of me that I never grew out of. Even after years of Army life and becoming a father. There is a part of me that lives on that most people around me don’t know and will probably never know, but you all will. 

I love and still remember all Disney songs. Well, the ones that I grew up with like Lion King, Aladdin, Hercules, etc.

The other day, I was holding my son and singing “You never had a friend like me” to him and saw my girlfriend watching me. That’s when I thought, it must be strange for her to watch a full grown, muscle head, veteran man of her’s sing these songs with such excitement. 

Of course she doesn’t mind because she knows I’m a strange individual compared to what normal people may think, but I am who I am.

I told you all I was going to share more of me so there you have it. 

“Mr. Alladin, sir. Have a wish or 2 or 3”
I hope you all have a great day!


  1. I am an Army veteran as well. Sometimes we do quirky things that people will either love or hate. My quirkiness is laughter. With so much sadness, misery and disappointments in life, I feel it’s necessary to encourage people with a gentle smile and kind laughter at poking fun at myself, or lighten a heavy situation. Like singing Disney songs gives you that coping feeling of elation, and happiness with your son , it must be your new patriotic duty yo fulfill am innocence that we often pay little attention to.
    Keep on singing those songs! Loved your post.

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