Surprise Appearance

Just got something i want to share with everyone. My girlfriend has started a Youtube channel and she asked me to film with her in her latest video. I told you all i was going to let you begind the curtain and see my world for what it is and who I am and we did this at just right the time.

So here we are! Also check out her other videos and subscribe if she’s in you niche or just because we’re all family here ☺.  She posts weekly and she’s just the cutest thing. Lol. You can even find our son, Aiden, in a video or two.

Later folks and enjoy our silliness


      1. I use to be, but I feel confidence in doing so now. I want people to know that its ok to be weird, imperfect, and yourself. You dont have to be what the media cookie cuts people out to be. How about you? What’s your feeling about opening up to the world?

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      2. Dont be so shy. Reading the few oost I read on yout blog shows how willing you are to share you knowledge with us. Don’t be afraid to take it one step further. You have amazing energy and I’m sure will love and recognize that.

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      1. It did! You’re both naturals on camera πŸ™‚ Loved it! I vlog, but mine are not cheery ones like that…mine are about mental health

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      2. It’s an interesting vlog topic that I know little about. I’ll be able to educate myself through your experience once I have some free time. You’re a strong person to overcome and share these experiences with us!

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