The Veteran

“First to fight for the right and to build the nation’s might. And the Army goes rolling along.”

That’s the first line of the Army song I learned back in 2003 when I enlisted and have never forgotten it. My military career has put me in strange places. Places I thought I would never go. I can still remember crying when I left my family to go to Iraq. A 19 year old , unsure what war actually looked like. A young boy who thought he would never make it back home. During training for war, I died in every damn scenario. I was certain that death would be the outcome of this misadventure.

Yet, here I am. 13 years later. Alive and well. I’m thankful to God in so many ways. Letting me survive 2 tours to Iraq serving as a truck driver, one of the most dangerous jobs to have this day and age in the military. For letting me meet and share lives with some of the greatest battle buddies, ever! 

And none of us could have done it without support from the home front. So although it’s Veteran’s Day and I’m happy to thank all my brothers and sisters in green, I want to thank those that support us while we fight. While soldiers before my time fought.

Thank you all for your support and Happy Veteran’s Day. 


  1. Such a delightful post n happy to know your journey..u should write more of your experiences there n your pics reminded me of Hollywood movies I keep on seeing…i also write a lot about army…indian army..we are very proud of our men fighting to pak and china to protect us

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  2. What a wonderful post. I can’t say I know what it’s like to go to war but I can speak about what it’s like worrying about someone in war. Holding down the home front so that those fighting don’t need to worry. Thank you for your service

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      1. And thank you for your service and story. Wow 2 tours is like an invisible badge of honor. You’re right in that it makes you appreciate life like no civilian would know. And you have a gorgeous family to live for and to inspire!πŸ’ͺ Stay strong, Army strong

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