Father’s Day has always one of those days that have been stuck in limbo. One part because you never quite know what to get him and the other part is because dad’s are too tough for gifts.
Either way, we have to take some time out of our day and thank them for being them. Especially my dad. He showed me the heart and soul of what is like to be a man. He

-worked two jobs to buy a house.
-always kept food on the table.
-knew exact measurements on things.
-worked on cars for a living.
-talk bad to that one manager that didn’t hire me at the movie theater when I was 16.

Well that last one was out of sync with the others, but the point is, he was an amazing dad and now I’m about to be a new father myself in the next few weeks. I can only hope to make a strong impression on my son like my dad did to me.

My dad will probably never see this because he doesn’t own a computer, but I just wanted to share with you all the love I have for my dad on this Father’s Day. You’re the best, popps!

Thanks for reading~

That’s me in the sharp red suit by the way

That's me in the snappy red suit

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