Help One Another

A few days ago, a soldier that I knew committed suicide without really crying out for help. The only thing that was suspicious is that he deleted his social media pages 2 days prior. The last people to see him said he didn’t have any issues. He laughed and had fun like the rest of them were doing.

Life is so unexpected. Please be kind to those you love. Try not to have enemies and try not to hate anyone. You never know what they’re going through or if this will be the last time you see that person walk away from you. Their is just too much happening in the world, today.

If you have any thoughts of harming yourself or any other person, reach out to someone. Talk to me or to someone here if you have to. Just know you’re not alone in this crazy world.

-Thanks for reading-


  1. This is so full of compassion. I agree fully. We must never judge anyone for how they look, think, feel, come from, behave…. never. Because we are not standing in their shoes. That was very touching!

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