The Creators

So I randomly go to Best Buy with my girlfriend last night and after buying a few Blu-ray’s (couldn’t resist the prices) I went over to the computers and saw some really big and impressive monitors. Then, suddenly I wonder what my blog would look like on the screen and I pulled it up.

That’s when my heart twinkled. I was able to display something I made (with the help of WordPress) in a public setting. One can only wonder how it would feel to create this feeling on bookshelves? I gotta know!

We must continue to write and create our very own gift to the world. Our timeless entry in the universe.

Simply, we just write.


      1. Aw thank you! You’re actually the first person to say that specifically.. And I really appreciate it! He really is. I’m definitely going to be writing a post solely dedicated to him, I just don’t want readers to think I’m annoying always roaming on about my boyfriend haha. But same to you! I want to read about your girlfriend!

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