The Creators

So I randomly go to Best Buy with my girlfriend last night and after buying a few Blu-ray’s (couldn’t resist the prices) I went over to the computers and saw some really big and impressive monitors. Then, suddenly I wonder what my blog would look like on the screen and I pulled it up.

That’s when my heart twinkled. I was able to display something I made (with the help of WordPress) in a public setting. One can only wonder how it would feel to create this feeling on bookshelves? I gotta know!

We must continue to write and create our very own gift to the world. Our timeless entry in the universe.

Simply, we just write.

9 thoughts on “The Creators

      1. Aw thank you! You’re actually the first person to say that specifically.. And I really appreciate it! He really is. I’m definitely going to be writing a post solely dedicated to him, I just don’t want readers to think I’m annoying always roaming on about my boyfriend haha. But same to you! I want to read about your girlfriend!

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