good-christmas-gifts-for-momHey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been divulging in my passion for writing lately. I haven’t been feeling up to writing the past few weeks and this has hindered my blog, but now I’m going to get back in the flow of things. Thanks for bearing with me through the drought. I’ll do better in the future. Hopefully, I can increase my audience a bit while becoming a better writer. That’s my ultimate goal after all.

The holidays are among us, but doesn’t quite feel like it to me. I remember this time of year for me was cold and long. I’ve learned the 25 days to Christmas countdown goes by rather quick when you’re an adult so its not so long anymore now that I’m not counting every minute in the day while staring at neatly wrapped gifts under the tree. The cold isn’t even here anymore because its somehow replaced by “Global Warming ” temperatures of 75 degrees here in Memphis, TN. My mom speaks about what it says in the bible about the seasons and the end of the world, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

So since the feeling of Christmas, isn’t in the air, I make it myself. Everywhere I go I bring holiday cheer now. I wish everyone I encounter happy holidays. I never really took it upon myself to spread the holiday spirit because it was already out there typically. I enjoy spreading it now. I feel like the dad from that Christmas Vacation movie minus the wife, kids, and house. I have an apartment.


Now with that being said, my task to you all is to spread the joy and love of the holidays. Wish people Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Lets show a little more care about each other and lay the foundation for the start of a new year. Thanks for reading!



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